Monday, March 10, 2014


The name that I go by is Gods Girl (or 'GG' for short) and I created this blog for the "Almost Human Task Force" fan group that was started in 2013 and founded by the Late Great Aimee Long who also started 'Fringenuity' (a group formed to support the TV series Fringe). Fringe ended its 5 season run in 2013 and now many of its fans also support Almost Human as both shows were created by Joel Wyman, who specializes in telling deep stories of human connection and love. Aimee had a huge passion for connecting with fans and now everything we do in support of Almost Human is in her honor.

Below is a list of all the Almost Human Task Force members.......

Jane A Wilson

Natalia Quique

Kelly Ong

Lyn Jackson
Nikolai Svakhin

Carl Brand

Sarah Proost

Ian Knight

Suzanne Irwin

Lynsey Jarczewski

Annie Burnaman

Hank Otero

Gods Girl

You can follow our group on Twitter at @AlmostHumanTF
For more info on Almost Human click here:

Almost Human airs Monday's at 8/7c on FOX. ---WATCH IT LIVE---


  1. Hey, I hope you all would be interested in collaborating with me for the AH tumblrcon I'm trying to organize! More info here:

    1. Hi! Yes, this sounds wonderful! If you don't mind I would like to share this on a huge AH fan group page on Facebook called "Almost Humaniacs"!

    2. Oops I thought I replied to this already... There's a new post up making a more formal announcement of the con and with a link to signups for anyone who wants to participate!

    3. Looks great and I will help you spread the word! :-)