Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Dear Almost Human fans,

We hear so many shows have already been renewed but not a word on Almost Human yet... We're all a bit tired of waiting, right? I know I am!

I hate feeling helpless. I need to do something, don't you? TV without Almost Human wouldn't be the same.  If you're going to miss -Dorian-Kennex car conversations, the embarrassing White Cheetah roar or the annoying yet cute MX's- half as much as I do, well YOU KNOW there's work to do.

I say we should ask FOX to tell fans once and for all what's their decision on the fate of Almost Human and we plan to do it on Saturday, April 5th, 8/7c. Why April 5? Because that's when the Almost Human Twitter movement started a year ago. Why 8/7c? Because FOX will air a rerun of Straw Man at that time! *FOX has taken the rerun of Straw Man off the schedule for Saturday night but you can still watch it during the tweet out on and if you live overseas, some nice tweets with the hashtag will suffice*

So let's get down to our game. Simon says:

- Hashtag will be #DoItFOX.

- Write a short message asking @FoxTV in your own words why you want Almost Human to have a season 2. Speak from the heart, no rude comments. Be convincing!

-Attach an image to the tweet so to make it visible! You can tweet a picture of you holding a sign, something that reminds you of the show (I know there will be lots of tiny giraffes and pics of Urbabes with Karl!), a drawing, fan art or a birthday cupcake, since the movement is turning 1 year (I might do that myself!). Image can be whatever you want as long as it's somehow Almost Human related. It'd be great if you'd include your name and country in it but it's optional.

-We're not attempting to trend.

So, who wants to play? If you care about the show, be there. Plus, it will be fun!

-NQ  (@NataliaQuique)